Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Feeling Like Want To Die?


Dear my fellow beloved friends,

I hope you are in the best state in your life. If not, stay patience and there is no success without patience as there is no road without puddles.

Someone was reported died just now. He jumped from 40 feet height. He was Malaysian like us. He was a student like us. As for age, he is my younger brother. It was told that he could not take burdens in his life anymore. And he took his own life. Now, he had experienced what will everyone of us including me will taste - the Death.

Having said this - i really hope, and i really really beg all of us - not to take such decision as long as God gives us the chance to breath in a morning, it means that God has a trust in us to live a life in that day.

If He, our creator, has trust in us - how could we as his creation do not have the same belief even to ourselves?

Thus, let's fulfill this trust - at least for us! :)

Live our life - to the fullest!

And God is not cruel. He does not make us deserted - alone in this world. 

One of my pious Christian teacher used to teach me, 

"Za'im, God is too generous to us. Even though humans commit crime and corruption on His land, but He never gives up to show His mercy by letting those mothers to give birth to her child. For God, is still having hope in us - to change the world!"

He gives us friends around us. Not only for knowing, but also for helping. He gives those friends to accompany us to live this life, to survive to the fullest - how bitter it may taste, how dreadful it may seem.

Hence, please and please and please - do not hesitate to share anything - as long as it could lessen your burdens.

Don't keep the problems to yourself. For the disaster created by the volcanic eruption is none other except due to the lava which were kept inside for such a long period!

To all my friends, regardless what faith you embrace, and regardless how you view this life - live the life to the fullest! :)

We come to the world by crying whilst others are happy for us.

And we hope the opposite happens when we die, by His will - we are happy while others are crying for kindness that we carve - to make the world, a better place to live :)

I love you, my friends! :)

May Allah bless and guide us always!

..and it may be that you dislike a thing while it is good for you, and it may be that you love a thing while it is evil for you, and Allah [our Creator] knows, while you do not know. [2:216]


This is an interesting view on life from a great thinker :) Do view, dear :)


And not to forget this beautiful speech from the Late Steve Jobs :)


Allahumma yassirnaa wa yassirkum bi barkatil mustofa! Allahumma ameen!


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